Personal Development Plan

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Contents 1. Approaches to self-managed learning 1 Self learning 1 Approaches to learning 1 Outside classes 1 Using Web by Internet 2 2. Lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts 2 Lifelong learning 2 Continuous professional development 2 3. Benefits of self-managed learning to the individual 3 The benefits to the learner from learning 3 The Benefits to the organisation 3 4. My own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives 4 5. My own development needs and the activities required to meet them 4 6. Development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs 5 7. A personal and professional development plan based on identified needs 5 Personal development plan 5 Professional development plan 6 8. The processes and activities required to implement the development plan 6 9. Development activities as planned 7 Career and persoanl development plan 7 10. Own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan 8 Action Plan 8 11. Evaluation of development plan 10 Methods of evaluation 10 12. Solutions to specific work based problems 10 Skill audit 11 13. Communication skill 11 14. Evaluate and use effective time management strategies 11 References 12 1. Approaches to self-managed learning Self learning Learning one thing can be make many types studying by brain, by movement, by training exercises. For example, if you study one subject, you have to write, read, think and record. People who do not career plan usually get sick from stress working in fields they do not like and students waste time and money pursuing educational areas in which they have no interest. Each part of development plan people should follow these simple guidelines.  Reflect on the overall process  Review the progress regularly and take stock  Revise the plan when

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