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If you could not express your feelings in a word, you could tell it with your dance. I love dance since I was a child, dance is one of my best friends in my life. When I feel sad, I dance. When I feel happy, I dance. When I feel alone, I dance. Dance becomes a part of my life unintentionally. Love to dancing doesn’t mean that you have to dance perfectly, but you’ll release your feelings through your movements. When I was a little girl, I was really shy and unconfident. My parents moved to another country since I was in the kindergarten. I lived with my sisters and my auntie. A little girl never could realize that what she really loves, just because her sisters told her that she always dances when the music on. A little girl like me, I just danced at home and my sisters watched at me. Once, my sister wanted to help me and brought an opportunity for me to have a performance on stage. Therefore, she asked a teacher to come to my house. When she asked me to dance and to show whatever I can to that teacher, I was really shy and just standing like a stone in front of them. I did nothing. I lost that opportunity and chance in my life. Every time I remembered, I regret about what did I loss for myself. I just love dance. My passions that learning how to dance was growing when I moved to Indonesia. First, I watched a movie about a ballerina who couldn’t live without dance. When she dances, she could shows her fully happiness, and shares her feelings to audiences. I was one of audiences who attracted by her dancing in front of televisions. I can never forget that movie. She is a courageous, and a lady who never gives up on her each contests. Second, I tried to join a dance class when I was in five and six grade of elementary school. I really learned a lot from my dance teachers. They taught us how to dance, and gave us several kinds of performance and contest to improve

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