Personal Critical Article of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Personal critical article of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Since The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published, this novel has been get into controversy over various issues ranging from Huck’s morality to racist messages. Controversy is mainly focusing on the ending of the novel. The last eleven chapters of the novel is focusing on Jim’s imprisonment on the Phelps farm and Tom and Huck’s adventures to free him, which contrasting with the previous of the book which takes a serious look at the important moral themes. The ending makes me complicated and feel like did Twain think when he wrote the last chapters of the book? Do the ending chapters fit with the previous chapters of the novel? Did Twain ruin the entire novel by failing to conclude the moral themes he was beginning to tackle? I would like to state my points of Mark Twain does not give readers a satisfied and reasonable ending by examining the evolution of Huck’s and Jim’s character and their journey to freedom. As the novel progresses, Huck Finn grows up from a boy to a young man and developing an understanding of race issues and morality during these years. At the beginning of the story, Huck is a boy who plays games with his best friend Tom. Huck is Tom’s best friend, and he helps Tom everything that he can. When Huck separates from Tom and travels down river with Jim, he starts to develop his own life. Huck develops great relationship with Jim, ignoring the different racial between them: Huck is white and Jim is black. Towards the journey, Huck struggles that he is searching for freedom with a runaway slave. He also struggles between the restriction of society and the humanity he has inside himself. By looking at Huck’s growth in the conclusion of the novel, I am really disappointed by the ending. Because of the strong growth of Huck in beginning of novel, I expect him to continue this

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