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Personal Criminology Theory AJS/542 July 21, 2014 Christopher Abreu Personal Criminology Theory The purpose of this paper is to discuss and explain the occurrence of crime and why people commit crimes. Throughout the discussion, the writer present variables he considers would work and identify assumptions on which the theory is based. There is also a consideration of what methodology can be used to evaluate it the theory. The general study of criminology is structured and geared towards evaluating why people behave in a certain way and ultimately why they commit crimes (Tania, 2014). From a misdemeanor to high profile crimes, there are several reasons people commit crimes, including genetic reasons, need to feel a part of a certain group, out of curiosity, among a number of reasons. There are those who also see themselves needing to commit crimes as a way of life to support a habit or to more seriously support their families. Scholars have done extensive studies themselves and have come up with their own theories that explains how the environment plays a significant role in why people commit crimes; some for only the initial crime while others become significant repeat offenders and fined themselves avid players in the negative sense of the criminal justice system (Tania, 2014). Those same scholars will also make it clear that the environment is only but one of the reasons people commit crimes. There is no one reason highlighted as there are those who believe the individual weighs the pros and cons and make conscious decisions to do good or bad while there are those who believe who believe the community is responsible for the actions of the citizens and should set rules to be followed thereby allowing for penalties for any deviation from those rules (Tania, 2014). Among the many theories of crime that have been researched and proven to be true, this

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