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Personal Crime Personal crimes are crimes that occur on a personal level and affect the victim in a personal way. There are different types of crimes that are considered personal. I am going to go over a few such as homicide, assault, battery, mayhem, rape and statutory rape. Homicide is when; one human being kills another human being. When someone premeditates the crime of murder and follows through that is called, first-degree murder. Mens rea refers to the intentional aspect of the crime, purposely or knowingly committing the murder. The punishment for first-degree murder is likely life without parole in prison or the death penalty. Felony murder is committed during the course of a felony that then results in someone’s death even though the death may have been unintentional. Felony murder is a strict liability crime and no mens rea is required. The next type of homicide is second-degree murder. Intentional or unintentional are both types of second-degree murder, and there is no premeditation in second-degree murder. Manslaughter can be committed voluntary or intentionally, or unintentionally which is involuntary manslaughter. Provocation and heat of passion are two key elements that must be proven regarding manslaughter. Assault is a personal crime that usually involves contact, or a confrontation between people. An assault is criminal violence against another person or physical contact with another person without his or her permission. In a situation, where a person has a fear of imminent peril or when apparent the assault would be committed if not prevented. A person can be accused for assault even without physical contact with another person. Assault can also be known as attempted battery. Battery is when you harm another person by using force with him or her, or by an object or substance put in motion by that other

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