Personal Consumption Essay

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Ten days ago I started a personal consumption journal and after five days I was unpleasently surprised with the amount of energy and water I consumed. In an effort to reduced that number I made some changes to my routien that I felt would help. For five days I did not turn on my bedroom lights at all. In addition I encouraged my family to do the same. The response was not quite as enthusiastic as I would have hoped, however it did propt my younger brther to turn his light out everytime he left his room, something he seldom did before. On top of nt using my bedroom lights, I decided I would also give up water bottles. Our family buys a lot of water bottles becuase they are easy to take to the barn (where we spend a lot of time), work or wherever we are running to and can provide clean, tasty water fast. During the past five days however I have been filling my bottle with filtered water from the fridge. It is just as fast and tastes great. This change was easier to implement then the other to say the least. During the last five days the changes that I made definately had an impact on me and one proved to be more difficlut then the other. Giving up water bottles was very simple. I simply took and extra minute t fill a bottle of my own with the water filtered from my fridge. Not only did this act save money but also the environment. This change had a positive impact on me and I plan to continue to consume water this way rather then from bottled water. The change with my bedroom light on the other hand proved to be somewhat more challenging. In the morning it was not so bad, I was able to see everything becuase of my large window. It was when the sun set that my problem began. Leaving my dor open was helpful, as the light from the hall was able to come into my room. As well during the days I had left a solar owered flash light utside to re-charge, this light was a
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