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The primary purpose of my personal code of ethics is to motivate myself and promote a purposeful life to inspire me and my family to be the best persons we can be to others and to ourselves. The personal code of ethics mold me to be a better person to the community and society that I belong into. Life will be dull unless you put meaning to it by personal code of ethics I will embrace the essential meaning of my existence and makes me able to partake to the obligation I want to return to the community and the society in general in which I owe something and as one of the many reason that made me whole. Some of the values thought by my parent are among the value that are central and the focal point to the belief system I firmly believe in as follow – Love others as myself: - I…show more content…
Loyalty: - I believe in faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause Respect: - one of the most important things for me is to treat other as I wish to be treated. Integrity: - I believe the better of a person I am, the better an image I present. Honesty: - I believe the more honest I am, the more trustworthy I become. Responsible: - I must be responsible in life so that others can rely on me. Responsibility means doing the best I can to honor and fulfill my obligations and promises. Fairness: - I believe Fairness is our duty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively. Tell the truth: - I believe the value of truth is immeasurable, because without it, the world would just be filled with lies. Be courteous: - I believe every act of kindness makes a difference in the life of someone. Be harmonious: - I believe to live together and get along with everyone is a “delicacy” that we all long for. Don’t change who you are to please others: - I believe it’s not worth becoming a completely different person simply to make other people

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