Personal Care Essay

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Unit 13 Task 1.1, 1.2 Care needs Define the term personal care Personal care is about looking after an individual that is unable to look after themselves. Identify the 4 personal care needs of an individual Washing Dressing Feeding Toileting Describe the 4 personal care needs of an individual Alice Alice is 14 years old and has Down’s syndrome. In her case she will need personal care. Washing: Alice has poor mobility; she may have difficulty getting in and out of a bath tub. To wash Alice the care giver will firstly need some items like two towels and two flannel, pyjamas, power, skin lotion and hair care. The care giver will need to soak a flannel in the soap and water and gently wash her skin. Only wash one area at a time starting with the face and working your way down the body. You have to be sure to gently rub the skin to clean the area, but do not rub to redness. Wash under all skin folds. You may also use this time to check for bed sores or any skin irritations or injuries. Rinse the flannel out after each area is washed. Jack Jack is 65 year old and is retired teacher. Jack was forgetting things that had Just happened he eventually becomes so confused that his wife was very concern. His doctor has realised that Jack was ill with Alzheimer’s disease so Jack would need personal care. Washing: As jack has been diagnose with Alzheimer disease he will need a carer to assist him with washing. Washing and bathing can be difficult for the carer’s caring for Jack and is a common source of anxiety for people with dementia. Jack has been carrying out these activities on his own since he was a healthy man. He may find it embarrassing to be undressed in the presence of other people. One way to overcome this is to uncover only the part of his body that you are washing at the time, leaving the rest covered. The care giver would have to be positive
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