Personal Budget, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

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Personal Budget, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement ACC/547 August 27, 2012 Max Mullins Abstract Budgets are numerical representations of a personal or business plan. Many budgets are presented in excel spreadsheets or sophisticated specifically designed to calculate budgets for an individual or business. Financial planners use budgets to control finances, ensure the continuation of current funds, allows decision-makers to make confident decisions while meeting individual and business objectives. Lastly, budgets ensure that there are enough funds at the end of a reporting period for future projects . Personal Budget, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement Financial, LLC Memo To: Cedric Nomand From: YouKnew CC: Max Mullins Date: 16/04/2013 Re: Summary of Facts A few weeks ago, we collected some personal information to best determine your financial health. Much of the information collected is deemed confidential and personal and only used for the purpose of measuring and analyzing your current and future financial conditions. There are an array of factors to consider when measuring the financial health and sustainability of small businesses and/or individuals. For example, you will notice that one of the documents reviewed your personal demographics such as your age, significant other (if applicable), income, education, dependents (if applicable), and both short and long term goals. This information helps our company best determine how to develop your personal budget. The purpose of personal budgets is to develop good spending habits to ensure financial freedom in your future. Based on the information you provided about your personal spending habits and future goals, we have prepared a 6 month budget to be reviewed again in another 6 months for adjustments. Please review the attached financial statements prepared for Cedric
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