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Personal Branding Essay

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Personal branding is a global phenomenon, very important to all career-minded individuals and a process by which we unearth what makes us special and then communicate that branding message to the proper audience. It is a set of expectations taken together, by the stakeholder’s decision to choose you over the other person.

The following strategies have helped me accomplish more at workplace

Stake holders are aware of you, but little, they may have experienced your talent, knowledge on the subject and skills but they have little or no emotional attachment to them or you.   So find a way to connect your values to your company’s overall mission.

Explore ways to incorporate special talents into your job so you can become a more valuable employee. Become more self-aware by noticing your emotions when you’re performing certain tasks and activities. Passion and energy for what you’re doing is a sign of your personal brand.   Presence also includes :
  * Personal Appearance - Including clothing, hygiene and attractiveness.
  * Personality - Your values, goals, identity and behavior.
  * Competencies - These are cognitive, business, communication and technical skills that enable you to perform your job responsibilities.
  * The Differentiator - Offering a unique value proposition or benefit to your target audience.
Constructing a presence with a mixture of these elements will have a positive effect on the people around you.   After producing a personal brand, with these elements, you must weave them into a story or message that can be consumed by your audience.  
Elevator Speech
Focus on sharing your knowledge with like-minded people and taking interest in their activities is a winning strategy.   For this you need to craft an Elevator’s speech. This is your 30 second commercial. Pretend you’re in an elevator on your way to a dream-job interview, the door opens and in walks the CEO of the company. This is your opportunity to let him know who you are...

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