Personal Assessment Essay

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Personal Assessment December 16, 2013 Personal Assessment Becoming an entrepreneur has many benefits as well as challenges that one will learn to overcome or change. Factors that are important in an entrepreneur are their personality, business skills, lifestyle (s) and are they willing to change things if needed. What are they comfortable doing and not doing, what do they value or their priorities, what are their motivation and what is their business experience(s). People become an entrepreneur for many reasons some like the thought of becoming their own boss, pursue their ideas and the financial success of being an entrepreneur (Barringer & Ireland, 2010, Pg. 7). Keeping the passion about a business thought or idea, giving the consumers what they are interested in or need and learning how to turn a failed attempt into a successful ones along with being able to change the original idea (keep an open mind) are some of the challenges that may come your way. Entrepreneurs should enjoy their idea(s), flexibility and their independence in their venture. Being able to have the hands on idea, planning and seeing the forward motion of an idea is rewarding, profitable as well as interesting. In this process a larger scale of knowledge is learned in the business field with the timing or release of the product and what the market is doing. You do not want to release a new item(s) when the market is not doing well because the customers will not have the money to buy unless it is something they want or need. Having the ability to have an idea, motivation to create it into a business, become successful/profitable helps others realize that they can achieve similar ideas and goals. When the all of this in mind I believe that I have the personality, business skills and the life style to become an entrepreneur (again) but with a different plan and idea
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