Personal Application Of Criminology Essay

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| | Personal Application of Criminology The one of most dangerous and most freighting crimes in America, that can take place in family home is the home invasion robbery. This can be defined has when a person uses force to enter the home to commit a crime such as burglary, or robbery. Home invasion can be on the more freighting side because of the violation of privacy and the security of the person who own the home (RealHomeSafety, 2002-2010). It can be indeed alarming after working all day, to come home to find the door of the house open just ajar. Observation Once a person reaches their home, only to witness that their front door is open can be the most frantic encounter that they could face. There should always some form of precaution made when approaching the door that is open, even though there could be some suspicion that was not secure when they left the home. As the person approaches the door quietly, they see a shadow and heard some noise that was coming from the kitchen area of the house. With a quick search of the area, they find a friend of their son looking through the drawers in the kitchen. The boy suddenly got startled and starts to stammer around with the attempt to find a piece paper and a pen because he wants leave note for their son. There was stuff lying next to him that look like a lock pick and some of their valuable jewelry that was hidden in a bedroom upstairs. This can clarify that the friend of their son was attempting to rob the place, there was a strong smell of marijuana on the boy. That can explain the boy’s strange behavior that he had toward them.

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