Personal Application Of Criminology

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Personal Application of Criminology Paper Course Number Date Instructor Name Personal Application of Criminology The response to crime and the reasons for committing crime are both important factors to a person’s future encounters with criminal behavior. In the following paper the subject to address is a criminal scenario of a 16-year-old boy found smelling of marijuana, stealing jewelry, and going through kitchen drawers in the home of his friend. The owner of the home, the mother of the boy’s friend, finds the boy in her kitchen with a lock pick and several items of her jewelry on the kitchen counter. The mother is aware the boy has not had a father figure in his life as his father left when he was very young. The following will recap the events of the scenario as well as the mother’s reaction to the crime, the actions taken by the mother, and covers three criminal causation theories that may explain why the boy committed the criminal act. The Mother’s Reaction When I found my son’s friend in my kitchen rummaging through drawers with some of my jewelry and a lock pick, my initial reaction was that of concern. I asked the boy what he was doing and he told me he was looking for paper to leave my son a note. I asked him why he would enter my home if no one was home in the first place and the boy stated he did not think it was that big of a deal. I requested that the boy have a seat, and I immediately called his mother as well as my son. I explained to the boy’s mother what I encountered and requested that she come to my home immediately to deal with the situation. I informed the boy’s mother her son was still with me and I had requested he stay until she arrived. I also requested that my son come home immediately. Initial Conversation When the boy’s mother arrived at my house I had a private conversation with her and explained what I had seen when I
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