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Personal And Social Life Essay

  • Submitted by: janetmellor
  • on October 31, 2011
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Personal and social life - 1. How I keep fit
I think it is very important to stay fit otherwise if you don’t, then you can get health problems. Lots of people never eat healthy and some even die! To keep fit everyone should eat healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and don’t eat junk food, I eat five pieces of fruit a day, but if I were to have more time I would eat more vegetables. Sometimes I eat junk food and chocolate but when I do, I feel sick. My family are also quite healthy, although my brother eats chocolate and sweets all the time and he never exercises. I also play football 3 times a week with my friends, we play for up to 4 hours a day! I often go jogging in the mornings, I go around my town and back to my house, but not at night because it is too cold. Sometimes I go swimming but I am getting a new swimming pool so I can go swimming more often. I would like to play more football but the weather is always bad so sometime we play inside in order not to get wet. I think my heath is good compared to my friends because I exercise and eat healthy. Video games are very fun to play but are not good for your health, if you play video games to often you will become fat. In the future I hope to exercise even more than I do now.

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