Personal And Proofessional Essay

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London School of Business and Finance ------------------------------------------------- Programme BA Hons in Business Administration 3rd Year ------------------------------------------------- Module Personal and Professional Development ------------------------------------------------- Assignment Hand in Date: 18th January 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Assignment : Assignment 2 ------------------------------------------------- Issue Date: 5th December 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Submission Date: 18th January 2012 ------------------------------------------------- Issued By: Nabil Ahmed ------------------------------------------------- Assessor: Nabil Ahmed ------------------------------------------------- Verifier: Sam Koolman ------------------------------------------------- Total Marks: This assignment covers 60% of the module ------------------------------------------------- Plagiarism When submitting work for assessment, students should be aware of the LSBFguidance and regulations in concerning plagiarism. All submissions should be your own, original work. You must submit an electronic copy of your work. Your submission will be electronically checked. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Harvard Referencing The Harvard Referencing System must be used. The Wikipedia website must not be referenced in your work. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Learning Outcomes: ------------------------------------------------- On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to: ------------------------------------------------- 1 demonstrate an ability to work on their own initiative and take responsibility for continuing

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