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My Personal and Professional Goals Developing clear, measurable goals helps to stay “focused on what you want and create a path to get you there” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2011, Chapter 4). Professional long-term and short-term goals can make one’s career much more fulfilling. Meeting personal long-term and short-term goals add a satisfying quality to life in general. Developing a plan, using a goal organizing tool such at the “Smart Goal Achievement Plan” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2011, Chapter 4) can be very beneficial to keep me on track to achieving my goals. One of my long-term professional goals is to become a woman’s health nurse practitioner. I will accomplish this goal by continuing my education. I will take one class at a time and hope to have completed my Master’s degree within three years’ time. I know I can accomplish this goal, remembering to take it one step at a time. I have a written timeline that I refer to often. Pursuing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees will better prepare me to be the nurse I want to be. The demand for health care providers, particularly advanced practice nurses will increase if universal health care becomes a reality in the United States (Fontenot & Hawkins, 2011). I believe that there is a strong need for WHNP’s in the future. My hope is that within five years I will be practicing as a WHNP. I hope to work in a private medical office or clinic. I look forward to the challenge of learning to provide high quality health care to women throughout the lifespan. It is important to have short-term professional goals as well. I want to gain a better understanding of high risk pregnancies. I will continue in m present job, working as a labor and delivery nurse in a family birth center. I always try to take challenging patients and learn all that I can from them. Continuing my education in this

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