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Personal and Business Ethics Lori-Ann Racki PHI445: Personal and Organizational Ethics Michele Dougherty February 20, 2012 Personal and Business Ethics Personal and Business values and ethics go hand in hand, without having personal values and ethics; it would be difficult to have business/organizational values and ethics. As a manager I make every attempt to lead by example for my staff and colleagues. I have had the opportunity to work for the same company for the past 10 years. I was hired as a manager of a small department, was promoted to a larger department as a manager, then was promoted to a Director of an entire circulation department that was responsible for the department budget, forecasting, employee hiring, managing, training etc. In 2007 I was promoted to a Corporate Director, that worked with several of our local newspapers circulation departments and then in 2010 we created a central Corporate Circulation department that I am currently responsible for. I had to learn quickly that there is a difference between being political and being ethical. These two don’t always get along in harmony but with the right finesse there can be a great balance formed. Personal feelings most of the time needs to be put to the side however I would never sacrifice my own personal values for my job or company. When I reflect on my personal values and missions I find myself interchangeably using “management methods” in my personal life as well as in my professional responsibilities. As a manager I make every attempt to lead by example for my staff. I came to work for the Times-Herald Record almost ten years ago, previous to that I had worked for what was at the time a much larger media group then the Times Herald-Record was a part of. My previous employer because it was a much larger group had at the time different values, culture/climate

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