Personal Accountabiity Essay

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PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ESSAY MARCUS BLACKSTOCK UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Personal Responsibility and its’ meaning to me is the staple of all that man should be. It requires me to be accountable for every action that I make in life. It is very important now especially at this point in my life because I have a family to provide for. I am the main provider for my family. I can’t afford to lack in any major part of providing for my family or they will suffer. My wife looks to me to be the man that she depends on when she needs me whether it’s financially or emotionally. My two boys, who are 10 and 7, depend on me to show them how to grow from young boys into men. It is my duty to show them how a man should conduct himself in life. I am their role model. If I don’t place an emphasis on personal responsibility to them how are they going to be able to provide for themselves? How are they going to be able to interact with others and grow those relationships and friendships that they may desire? I am responsible for their development. Being personally responsible means the world to me because it defines my life. I think one of the most underrated issues about being personally responsibility is acknowledging that you aren’t always going to be perfect or correct. I am a human being. I’m not always going to be right. There will be times where the decisions I make may not end being positive for me or another person. However, I have to have the faith and toughness to make decisions that might not always please another person or be the thing that I want to do. The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is seamless. It’s very important especially for those who are coming out of high school and don’t have the job security and financial security that I do. Its’ correlation to college success means that you have to be focused and

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