Personal Accomplishment Essay

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As a seventeen year old, I do not have the experience to know exactly what I want to accomplish, but one thing I do have is the high spirited personality that enables me to make friends on my way to a successful life. I am proud of this quality because it had helped me overcome challenges that try to prevent me from reaching my destiny. One of the challenges that came on my way was starting a new life in United States. I was very excited to learn that I was going to live in America. On September 2, 2005, I finally arrived in America. Like many other immigrants, I had a hard time adjusting to the American lifestyle. Being new in America meant a new culture, new language, and new friends; I had to learn everything instantly with no one to help me or to protect me. I was the only one who spoke Indonesian in my ELD (English Learner Development) class. And like the rest of my classmate, I did not speak English well, but the difference was that they had someone from their native country to speak with. For about a week, I was not the same joyful girl I was a year ago. The second week of school, somehow with very limited English, I managed to make friends who were also an "outcast". Two of them ended up being my best friends: Amy, the "outspoken" Brazilian, and Anh, the "crazy" Vietnamese. After I made my first friends, life in America didn't seem to be so scary anymore and I returned to my old self. Although to some people making a friend is considered a trivial achievement, to me it was the biggest achievement in my life so far. The one thing learned from this experience it was that when life gives something, I can not dwell on it forever. Instead I just have to deal with it and make the best out of it no matter the situation. If I had just focused on the bad thing and how my life was turned upside down, I would not be able to make friends and would not focus on

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