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I am KHOR JING JYR , i feel happy because i get the second high marks for the oral in my class, today is 19 JANUARY 2007. Good afternoon teacher and all of my friends. Today i will like to thank teacher for givine me this opportunity to share about myself to everyone here. Firstly, my name is KHOR JING JYR. Many people likes to call me JJ or Baby. I come from a small family, i was the youngest in my family. The relation ship between my family and i is not so good, because my father is a bad-tempered person, my parents works until 7 pm everydat , and my two brothers went oversea to Japan. So i am alone everyday in my house. My hobby is playing soccer and computer games. If there is an opportunity, i would like to be a professional soccer player. Beside that , i hope that i can make an online game for the whole world of computer players. Actually, i am a honest person and have a cute face. I always make people laugh. Many people think that i am 3 years old child, because i am childish. But now i want you all to know that i am adult , i am not still a 3 years old child. I just want to make people laugh . I got a lot of friends, altough i done something wrong , they won't blame me , but still treat me as their best friend. Unfortunately, i am useless person in my Red Crescent society, actually i have talent in my society , but i dont know why i waste it. But now i feel regret for no paid it before. This year i will sit for the SPM examination and also UEC for next year. I hope that i can pass my examination with flying colour , so that i can go oversea to New Zealand, and live there forever. I don't like Malaysia, because i can't find my true life here. I got 3 wishes in my live, the first wish is i wish that i can blast off in a rocket to go another planets. And the second wish is i wish that i can show off my football skill and technique to the whole

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