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The purpose of this assignment is to create a personal code of ethics using one of the major ethical frameworks as a guide. A personal code of ethics is based on beliefs and values. It guides your conduct day-to-day, whether at work, at home or out in the community. Our values and beliefs are, to a large degree, based on family socialization as well as our association with peers and the culture of the workplace. You will compare your personal code to two major corporations and see how you might ‘fit’ with them. Before writing your code, ensure that you understand the ethical framework(s) used to construct your personal code of ethics. It may be that no one ethical framework fits you 100%. Be prepared to explain those which address your beliefs and values. (I have a sample paper I will give you regarding the code). Background on Values Values refer to the qualities of ideas which we each care about and consider important. The most important of our personal values are referred to as ‘core values’ – those we hold be the essence of who we are, what we stand for and what we believe in. Values are what lead to actions which, in turn, are displayed as our personal characteristics or attributes. These set of values vary from individual to individual. Core values of individuals include such virtues as: * Appreciation * Acceptance * Honesty * Empathy * Forgiveness * Duty * Independence * Integrity Research conducted by Rushworth Kidder has found that there are five commonly selected community values: honesty; respect; responsibility; compassion; fairness. In terms of the most common values on the job, Kidder has identified the following: * Dependability * Compassion * Honesty * Considerateness * Dedication * Courageousness In the 2004 Booz Allen Hamilton/Aspen Institute survey of corporate

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