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Sydney McCary Revised Essay English 101 8 December 2012 A Grape Push Pop Tiptoeing down the hospital tile floor, I didn’t know what was behind that door. I was just a four-year-old little girl about to go into a hospital room because my mom, a nurse at the hospital, told me to. Little did I know, my life would be changed when I left. I never would have imagined that I would gain a life long best friend that day, and two years later, gain another. I give all the credit of having my best friends to sharing my grape Push Pop. A woman named Lisa waited patiently in her hospital bed getting ready to have her first baby girl. Her nurse, who was my mother, was very attentive and kind, so the soon to be mom could tell she was very experienced. She also noticed that nurse Molly herself was going to have a baby. As they started talking, they realized their children would be really close in age, because the nurse’s baby was to be born two months later. Lisa became very comfortable around her nurse and began to talk to her about where their children would go to daycare, what school they were going to, and other things that future moms talk to each other about. As the day went on, Lisa finally went into labor. It took hours and hours, giving nurse Molly and Lisa even more time to talk. They had developed a friendship and motherly bond in that hospital room. About an hour and a half before midnight on January 15, 1994, Mary Clark Joyner was born. Before Lisa left the hospital, she and nurse Molly discovered that their babies would be going to the same daycare, so that they could continue to work. Knowing that they would meet again, nurse Molly bid her patient goodbye and good luck with her new baby girl. Two months later, I came along in that same hospital, but in a different room. Because our moms already knew each other, Mary Clark and I gravitated towards each

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