The Person I Love The Most Essay

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The person I love the most. It’s hard to choose only one person, because I love a lot of people, but my brother Santiago is a really important person for me. Santiago is a really special person, he is 18 years old, and the best brother I could wish for. Santiago doesn’t look at all like me, although a lot of people tell me we look exactly the same, and to tell you the truth I feel lucky when they tell me that. San has blonde hair, and brown eyes, he is pretty tall and really strong, he has a beautiful smile. Every time I see him smiling it makes me want to smile to. My brother is someone who is always willing to help, its amazing how good he is. He is also really fun, he jokes a lot, and he is always bothering me, he can be really fun, but he can also be in a bad mood, but even when he is in a bad mood he is joking and making you smile. I love San because even though he has had some bad times, and some sad times, he is strong for me, I love San because he believes in me, because he is constantly reminding me how special I am, I love him because he makes me feel like I belong, like I fit in, but most importantly I love him because he makes me stand out. These are only a few reasons why I love my brother the most, if I kept on writing I would never finish, cause there is so many good things to say about

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