Person Is Being Abused or May Be at Risk of Abuse

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This leaflet is to help you understand and to show some symptoms of abuse or may be at risk of being abused. Abuse can take many forms, including sexual, mental, and physical, and it can happen in many places, in the home a hospital as well as in the workplace, the individual could be known to you, family/friend or neighbour maybe a person involved through your role as a professional carer, you have an important part to play in safeguarding them from abuse. The information in this booklet is to raise your awareness and understanding of the different types of abuse and how to spot signs and symptoms. Any form of abuse is unacceptable and must be brought to the attention of the manager or the local social services, there is no reason for abuse no matter what justification or reason may be given for it, and it is very important that older people/disabled (physical and mental health) are aware of this and they know that help is available. It is important to identify signs of abuse before they escalate and act promptly where necessary to safeguard an individual from abuse. This requires an understanding of situations that may create a risk of abuse. However, there also needs to be a balance to this approach in which an individual’s choices are fully respected if they have the capacity to make them. The choices, opinions and wishes of the individual involved should guide any intervention in an adult abuse situation. The standards required of those supporting individuals who lack capacity to make a decision or express their views.( These are some types of abuse and signs that should help you notice if anyone around you is getting abused). Some of the abuse that will be mention is an illegal activity, for instants theft, physical/sexual assault. An investigation between the police and other agencies may be
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