Person Who Change Norms Of Society

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To me Sheriff Joe Arpaio change the norms of society to make Arizona and the world a better place. Not everyone may agree and may appose this deeply but this is just my opinion. I am tired of working my butt off all the time and having to pay taxes and then watching illegal immigrants not help out the society. When my car gets hit by a illegal immigrant and it’s not my fault I have to pay for it. I do not think it is fair that they can walk into a hospital and be helped without paying a cent and I am still trying to pay for my medical bills. I think it’s about time someone takes a stand and I amend sheriff Joe Arpaio for what he is doing. There are few nations in the entire world where people are allowed to enter, work and live without registering or receiving a visa from that nation’s government. Every country has a right to protect its borders and to demand to know who is living there. The fact is, the United States has been a country that is far more lenient with its population of illegal immigrants than many others. We are and always have been a generous country. By and large, we take care of people in need of medical care, education and a whole host of social services. Few other nations are so generous to their non-citizens. But, our generosity has brought us to a breaking point. We cannot continue to ignore the millions of people who are sneaking into the United States. Our government knows it can no longer afford to ignore the problem of illegal immigration. And neither can law enforcement professionals. Arizona is a state in turmoil, inundated by at least a half million illegal immigrants and torn apart by ways to handle these new residents. Public discontent with the situation has boiled over into state policy, leading voters and lawmakers to pass some of the most hardline anti-illegal immigrant laws in the country. The number of illegal immigrants in

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