Person-Centered Therapy Essay

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The aim of this essay is to critically evaluated Person-Centered Therapy and discuss it use in modern day society. This has been achieved by researching the many books written by Carl Rogers himself, or authors who have written about counselling citing him and his theories. Carl Rogers was born in Illinois in 1902. His parents were strict Christians who held rigid fundamental beliefs, who did not encourage their children to be impulsive or to have freedom of expression. Rogers was raised in the country where he spent many lonely times in solitude and as his parents felt that they did not want their children to be influenced by society their children had very little opportunity to mix with other young people. This lack of contact from an early age had a pyscholosophical effect on Rogers who, in later life, identified his poor self-confidence and social skills on his childhood and teenage years. When he was nineteen years old and through his father’s influence of religion, Rogers decided to that he wanted to be a Christian minister. To prepare him, he enrolled to study history at the University of Wisconsin During his time there, he met a group of likeminded students whose home and religious back ground were similar to his own. At the age of twenty, Rogers had an opportunity to visit China along with his group of friends to take part in a Christian conference. There he met many different people from around the world, who had different viewpoints. This had an untold effect of Rogers, so much so he began to question his parents’ values and beliefs. Upon his return home he did continue in study for the ministry but it only lasted two years, changing to Columbia University whereby, in 1928 he completed his Master’s degree. Rogers went onto gain many other professional qualifications, with PhD from Columbia University to becoming a Resident Fellow at the

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