Person-Centered Care Essay

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Peron-centered Care What are ‘person-centered values’? Person-centered values are an approach to care, which promotes and respects the choices and preferences of the individual. Why is it important for social care workers to work in a way that promotes person-centered values? It is important for social care workers to work in a way that promotes person centered values in order to maintain their service user’s uniqueness and individuality by promoting their personal worth, rights, choices, privacy, independence, dignity, and respect. Person-centred approaches involve the individual being the centre of their care and support plan, enabling them to retain some control over their lives. Person-centred values enable individuals to live their own lives and not just receive a service. They are about focusing on the individual person’s needs and not the tasks that need completing. Consent in adult social care Consent is giving permission to do something. In adult social care, this usually means that an individual gives consent to receive care or treatment, or to take part in an activity. This could include agreeing to have a bath, agreeing to take their medication, or agreeing to their information being given out to others. Why must social care workers gain the consent of an individual when they are providing care or support? Carrying out an action without the consent of the individual may be seen as abuse. For example, forcing an individual to have a bath when they do not wish to, or giving medication when they have not agreed to take it (e.g. hiding tablets or liquid in food or drink). It also takes away the individual’s right to choice, which goes against person-centered values. How might a social care worker gain the consent of an individual? A social care worker may gain consent in 3 forms; verbal, written, or through a representative
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