Person-Centered Care Essay

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Global Warming Penny Moore SCI 207 Instructor Christina Kamnikar July 21, 2012 What is global warming and what are its causes? Global warming is an abnormal increase in the average near surface temperature of our planet, caused by pollution and deforestation. It is caused by carbon dioxide and other air pollutants gathering and collecting in our earth’s atmosphere like a heavy blanket. This blanket captures the heat from the sun, which in turn causes the earth to warm up. U.S. power plants, that burn coal are our biggest source of carbon dioxide pollution- 2.5 billion tons are produced annually. The automobile is the second largest, which produce almost 1.5 billion tons. Do humans cause global warming? What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is caused by heat radiations that come from the sun that reflect back to space after coming into contact with earth’s surface. When radiations are casted back, gases in the atmosphere confine their reflection and keep them within the limits of earth’s atmosphere. This whole process of heat causing radiations coming into earth’s atmosphere and being confined in it, is known as the greenhouse effect, and the atmospheric gases which play an important role in confining these radiations are known as greenhouse gases. Some of the most plentiful greenhouse gases are water vapor, methane, and carbon dioxide. Other gases include nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride. The greenhouse effect is a perfectly normal happening that is necessary for life existence on earth, and without it being present could leave the planet absolutely cold and not fit for human existence. While the greenhouse effect is needed for the existence of life on earth, too much would spell disaster for all of us. The “too much” is what is called “enhanced greenhouse effect”. When said
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