Persoal Responsibility and College Success

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Personal Responsibility and College Success Karen Carter Gen 200 May 26, 2014 Scott Hopkins Personal responsibility requires one to finally accept the truth that you are responsible for your own actions. To me personal responsibility is a correlation between personal responsibility and college success which encompass all areas of life. When though there are resources available, implementing my personal responsibility and values will ensure college success by using time management strategies. Personal responsibility is doing what is meant to be done and to fulfill my commitments. It will bring positive change into my life and transform me as an individual to a more positive, energetic and dynamic organized person. Understanding and accepting personal responsibility is the key to success. When an individual takes personal responsibility for their actions, it can help clarify which life goals are most important and the means to achieve college success by also understanding that our values support how we go about making decisions. (Binney, Daniel 2009) states that the ultimate goal of this understanding is to promote what he believes to be the three key aspects of personal responsibility, fairness, autonomy and human flourishing and conditions are most useful for allowing us to exercise it. It is reasonable to think that responsibility is encouraged where rewards and punishments are proportionate to actions, where we can freely act within our capabilities and capacity, and where we allow existing without unnecessary hardship or coercion. One way to look at personal responsibility is to respond wisely to opportunities and challenges (Downing, S. 2011). Another choice in accepting personal responsibility in one’s life means to take control of your decisions in life. However, in personal responsibility a person can be

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