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Jerome Myers English-24 3-3-2011 The Ramayana vs. The Odyssey Comparing and Contrasting In The Ramayana and in The Odyssey, there are multiple similarities as well as differences. The Ramayana is a tale of a young Indian Prince , who is idolized as “perfect”, the closet element to perfect in human form. In the story of Odyssey, it’s the tale of a mythical warrior hero who’s set on a quest to return home to his wife, the story is in references to the adventures he partakes in while in commute to going home. These characters are to diverse individuals, a lot of their traits such as both Rama and Odysseus are married to loving and loyal wives, they both are hated by people in the contexts, and also both men are heroes of their time. While these character share a lot of the same attributes their also very dissimilar, this is in reference to their lifestyles. The essence of this lies in the way both man value or disvalue, Family, Loyalty, Children, and also the Athlete vs. Prince Concept. Rama and Odysseus, Both men are heroes of their time. They both hold the key to what makes good Fighters. This men were also educated witty men, with the bravery of two fully armed soldiers Rama and Odysseus both rightfully earner the title of a Hero. Both men where fighters, Rama arranged an army and prepared to go into battle to seek and receive his wife Sita back from the man who had up ducted her, Odysseus had his own army which he lead with an iron fist, his lack of mercy while in combat made him an tremendous warrior. The wits that both of these mean had also peppered hero over them, Rama and Odysseus were highly educated, Rama was taught to be perfect and Odysseus was educated off of his life experiences. While all of these elements are what makes up a hero the main concept that lead to these men being crowd heroes is their

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