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Persian Empire The Persian Empire was one of not just a great military conquering empire but one of immense beauty and technological engineering of it’s kind and age. This empire was built on engineering feats never before seen from roadways to canals, to even finding water and filter water from rocks Persia was also ruled by some of the greatest kings of all time, from Cyrus the Great to Darius the III. This vast empire was ruled all the way from North Africa to Northern India or otherwise know as Asia minor. One of the first kings of Persia was Cyrus the Great. Cyrus knew that one thing they needed to become one of the greatest empires of all time was to be able to channel water to there empire, so Cyrus was the first to come up with the first way of getting water out of rocks. Using nothing more than stone chisels, they used these chisels to make a breakthrough of underground irrigation canals called Kinuectics. Also Cyrus knew also to become one of the greatest empires he needed a capital city that would reflect the great empire of Persia. One of the greatest engineering feats of early time was to build a capital in what is now modern day Iran called Pacergod. This city was marbled in all the most advanced technology and art from all other empires conquered like Egypt, Asia and Syria. Cyrus also was seen as a liberator and even went so far as to not enslave the people from the conquered empires but also freed the Jews from Ebekenezer empire and let them go back to there homeland of Babylon. Unfortunately, Cyrus died in battle in 530 B.C. Cyrus never got to see his empire become a complete empire of what he new and hoped it would become. After Cyrus’s great rule the Persians knew they needed a king to rival the great Cyrus, so they put there faith and power into another great king named Darius the Great, he lived from 550-486 B.C. Darius

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