Persian and Assirian Essay

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Chapter 4 3) In what ways was the Persian Empire similar to the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and in what ways was it different? The Assyrian empire is today’s Iraq and the Persian Empire is Iran, they are neighbors there for there are many similarities as culture, agricultural, traditions and other areas. The Assyrians spoke the language of Aramaic, while the Persians spoke a different language called Farsi. The Persian where well known for their military power and conquer style, While the Assyrians even thought they had a great military, economic and political structure, they were more as an establish region. Back in the days the Persians and Assyrians use to be polytheistic however, after Prophet Muhammad introduced Islam, they both became Muslims. 4.) How did the growth of the first empires in Southwest Asia affect the broader region? Thanks to the trend of rapid rise population and the develop of natural recourses in the Southwest area, help them to conquer regions all the way from the Danube to the Mediterranean. All this lead to develop new and more innovative communities. The Greeks were one of these great communities, they borrow a lot of ideas from the Persians but at the same time they resist to the them, these situations generate a big war between the empires. 5.) How did South Asia become more integrated despite the absence of an imperial state? It was a language and a belief that brought people together. However, even when the region had a strong social and economic integration, it faced a stark political disintegration. But do the share of religion the Vedic people live united whit the only separation of two clans the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. 6. To what extent was the Zhou state similar to contemporary Southwest Asian empires? They share several similarities, thus both are empires base more on politics and military power. As we can say a great

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