Persia of the Americas Essay

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PERSIA of the Americas P) • A system of Democracy was observed in The U.S. and most, if not all, S. American countries. • Some important U.S. presidents during this time included Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), Dwight “I like Ike” Eisenhower, John F Kennedy (JFK), Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. • Canada is an independent constitutional monarchy (Parliamental Democracy). • The U.S. joins WWI in 1917, the last year. • Dec 7, 1941- The U.S. is attacked at Pearl Harbor. War is declared on Japan and The U.S. joins WWII. • 1963-Cuban missile crisis E) • 1929- the great Depression begins and the world is hit hard. • 1939- WWII began, and American industries began manufacturing war goods, offering more jobs. Depression ends. • During the WW’s, the U.S. manufactured weapons, aircrafts, and other devices to be used in battle. • After WWII, the U.S. shifts into producing commercial goods, from Fords to refrigerators. The U.S. becomes a dominant industrial power. • 1940s-1950s: Standard of living improves. R) • Although immigration brought about a variety of beliefs in the U.S., the majority of people were protestant. • The majority of S. American people were Catholics, due to the efforts of Catholic missionaries. S) • As the new era dawns, the patriarchal society of the Americas begins to fall, as women and people of color begin to gain more rights. • 1919- Women’s suffrage is granted in The U.S. • For a majority of this era, black people were only granted limited rights and were often mistreated by white U.S. citizens. • 1955-Civil rights movement begins. • When WWI came along, women were hired to perform army jobs, as well as fill in factory jobs in the absence of men. I) • The U.S. enters the “Space Race” after Russia launches Sputnik into orbit. • 1969-

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