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Kimberly Konnoth Period 4 Regents Essay Due: 3/30/09 In order to make the most of oneself in life, one must always strive to do the best one can and reach out as far as possible, even if events seem uncontrollable. This theme is portrayed in both Marcus Mabry’s “Living in Two Worlds” and in Gwendolyn Brooks’  poem from Annie Allen. Doing so can bring one out of poverty, as experienced by Mabry, and can help one get over fears and persevere past obstacles, as Brooks explains.              In “Living in Two Worlds” by Marcus Mabry, Mabry describes the difficulty of balancing his extravagant life at college and going back home to poverty and hardships, all the while striving to do the best he can and managing the guilt that comes alongside it. He uses his point of view on how hard it is to attain this balance to explain the whole theme of perseverance. Mabry, who comes from a poor family in New Jersey, hosts parties at his “more than humble abode of a New York City Yuppie,” which he juxtaposes with the bedroom at his home, which has a “couch that let out into a bed that took up the whole room, except for a space heater,” and the fact that his family sleeps downstairs while he is at home. However, the main cause of this large difference is the fact that Mabry has worked very hard to come out of the poverty of his past. Unlike his brother, who sees no future other than one filled with drugs, Mabry sees a bright future, mainly due to the fact that he works so hard. He is filled with a “ ‘a proud feeling,’” one that he attains by analyzing his past and how he has risen above it, as well as examining how hard his family works to survive in their own world. They work hard to carry on through their lives and it fills

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