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-King Acrisius of Argos really wanted a son, but had a daughter instead named Danae. Why did he want a son instead? -He finds out through the Oracle at Delphi that he will not have a son, and Danae’s son would kill him. -locks his daughter in a house she can’t have a son. -Zeus still enters the house and gets her pregnant, son-Perseus. -The king finds out and sends his daughter and Perseus in a chest into the sea so they won’t harm him. -fisherman named Dictys found them. -him and his wife take care of them. -Dictys bro, Polydectes, ruler of the islands, wants to marry Danae as she grows up. -Polydectes didn’t want to take care of a child. -Polydectes told Perseus to kill Medusa as a gift for the announcement of marriage. He knows that it is a difficult task to do. Wants Perseus to get killed. -gods, Hermes and Athena help. ^were 3 sisters who shared an eye. What was the significance of the eye? -Delphi told him some stuff. -flew to terrible sister’s island & cut medusa’s head off when she was sleeping. He escaped the other gorgons. -on his way home, he stops at Ethiopia and saves Andromeda, who is about to get eaten by a sea monster because her mother (Cassiopeia) offended the gods. -he returns home and finds that Polydectes hid Dictys and his mom. -gets mad and shows medusa’s head to all the evil men including poly so they turn into stone. & Perseus makes Dictys king of the islands. -Perseus goes to the athletic contest of king Larissa and while in a dicus-throwing contest he accidently hits&kills a bystander who was coincidently his Grandpa. -medusa’s head given to Athena & Perseus and Andromeda had a son…

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