Perserverance Essay

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Throughout my uncles life he has been judged and underestimated. Growing up in the streets of buttermilk junction quickly made him realize the adversity in the world. Not knowing when or where his next meal would come from, he never gave up hope. Knowing nothing would be handed to him, he persevered. The year was nineteen sixty one, and hurricane Carla was raging through the gulf. My aunt was past due on her expected birth, and she was terrified. It was too late to evacuate, and the hurricane was minutes away. There was little my aunt could do but wait it out. After the hurricane had past, the destruction of the city was tremendous. Houses were slashed in half, cars were upside down, and trees were horizontal to the ground. My aunt walked out of what was left of her house in tears. Her neighbors comforted her by walking along. In the midst of all the chaos, Michael Eugene Edwards was born. Growing up in the mean streets of buttermilk junction, responsibility came quick for Michael. At a young age he was exposed to sex, drugs, and alcohol. His mom had left him to be raised by his grandmother, who hardly was around. This led Michael into doing things he regrets to this day. Although surrounded by an unmoral environment, Michael came to love one thing, basketball. Basketball was more than just a sport to Michael, this was life. Having no one around to push him, made him want it even more. Once Michael arrived to high school, life was slowly but surely changing. The fire and desire for basketball was still in him, but the lack of guidance made Michael develop bad habits. Although Michael enjoyed school very much, he was constantly in trouble. It’s not that he was a bad student; he just wouldn’t let anyone belittle him. Once basketball season started, Michael didn’t let anyone get in the way of him becoming a NBA player. Every game throughout high school,

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