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Persepolis Essay (Final Draft) When we think of Iran, we often think of bad things such as war and terrorism. This is the single story that the news media depicts. Although Satrapi confirms the single story of Iran that the news media portrays through her conveying her perspective of war and terrorism, ultimately, in her graphic memoir Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood she dispels the single story of Iran through her use of literary and graphic elements. Through her use of literary elements, Satrapi dispels the single story of Iran. In the middle of Satrapi’s book, she said, “I never realized how much they loved me. And I understand how important they were to me” (149:7). Family played a big role in Satrapi’s book, throughout the book we get to see her family struggle through problems together. I feel like she humanized Iranian people this way. In another part of Satrapi’s book, she says “I got to go to my first party…my mom let me go, she also knitted me a sweater full of holes and made me a necklace with chains and nails. Punk Rock was in” (103:2). Not everyone in Iran is a Terrorist or a fundamentalist. Even teens in Iran go through a rebellious phase. The people of Iran are not so different from us. Other than using literary elements, Satrapi also employs graphical strategies to dispel the single story of Iran. In the beginning of the book, (4:1) we see a bunch of school age children (both boys and girls) playing with each other. This again shows us that Iranians are human. This part of the book was before the Islamic revolution. It’s more of government issues than people issues that gave Iran a bad single story. In the beginning/middle of the book, there’s a part when Satrapi is upset that her uncle Anoosh was executed (70:2). I chose this because of the very humane feeling it had. We all get depressed when a close family member dies.

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