Persepolis 2 Essay

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Paper #1: New Free Identity, Plus Bias Persepolis 2, By Satrapi Marjane was written as a graphic novel because Satrapi wanted the reader to actually see what is going on. So the readers can actually feel as if they were there. Rather than Satrapi telling the story of what happened, she allows the reader to see it by themselves. In her book, she was a girl that is not afraid of expressing her opinion and feeling. She experiences many hardships; friends are all dying around her and a new dictatorship even worse than the one they originally faced. So her parent decided to send her to a free country, Vienna. When she starts living in Vienna, she had change in many ways. She begins to date, want to have sex, smoke, she even smoke marijuana, and finally become a drug dealer. In Vienna, Satrapi becomes depraved, smoke marijuana, and trading drugs. This is not all her faults; it is because the country she was born, Iran. And the fact that she come from Iran causes many problems and anguish. People seem to hate the Iranian because of the war and things happened in Iran. In the story “Pasta”, she was living with the nuns. One day, she cooked a big pot of spaghetti, and brings it to the refectory and watch TV while eating. As a result, the mother superior stops her and shouts at her. She says “It’s true what they say about Iranians. They have no education.” This makes Satrapi so angry that she immediately shouts back to her “all the nuns were prostitutes before becoming a nuns.” And then she end up of leaving the church and go live with her friend Julie. This show how the nuns think Iranian people are and they were very against to it. They don’t understand how complicate the society in Iran is like and they only see the surface of it. But although Satrapi faces many hardships, she had found a way to go through it and manages to struggle out of it. She start to get more

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