Persecution To Genocide: 1933-42

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Persecution to Genocide: 1933-42 Nazi ideas about the Jews The Jews were a race bent on world domination. The Jews would resort to any means for their objectives, including hiding behind communism. There was an existence of a ‘Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy’ to take over the world. Jews conspired to win control of Germany’s financial institutions. The Jews, acting for World Jewry, had done all they could to bring about defeat in WW1. These claims justified persecution, terrorisation and genocide. Germany’s Jewish Community In 1933 only 0.7% of Germany was Jewish. They were also a diminishing minority. They were under represented in the upper reaches of industry and finance. Generally held middle class professions – medicine, law,…show more content…
Mischlinge with one grandparent largely escaped punishment, but those with two did not. 1936: Olympic Games Berlin hosted the Olympic Games, an opportunity for Hitler to showcase the Nazi regime and it’s ‘achievements’. He didn’t want any controversy and also wished for the Second Four Year Plan to succeed in its first year. Due to this, all anti-Semitic activity was scaled down. All signs of anti-Semitism were removed. However, harassment of Jews continued at a local level and decrees continued to be passed. In October 1936 a decree was passed banning all civil servants from consulting Jewish doctors. Different ideas between 1937-8 As the economy improved through 1937, the attacks on Jews intensified. Those who feared the attacks turned to the Minister of Economy Hjalmar Schacht. He was forced to resign in November 1937, and Herman Goering took over in December 1937. Goering ordered that Jewish businesses be restricted in the raw materials they could receive. Also, Goering favoured ‘Aryanisation’ – stripping Jews of their property selling it to non-Jews and the proceeds going to the economy. The Anschluss (union of Germany and Austria) in March 1938 unleashed a wave of attacks against Jewish property in Austria. This sparked Goering into issueing a Decree for Registration of Jewish Property in April 1938. Himmler became involved in Jewish police, stating that Germany should be a…show more content…
The Decree Excluding Jews from German Economic Life prevented Jews from running businesses. Also, decrees excluding Jews from public places were made, with all Jewish pupils becoming ecpelled (15th Nov 1938). Also, a collective fine of 1 billion marks was levied on the Jewish community for the Paris murder, meaning 30000 Jewish men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The Consequences of 'Anschluss' The levels of violence in Austria against the Jews were far worse than in Germany. Vienna's 180000 Jews were the targets of regular attacks. Heydrich set up the Central Office for Jewish Emigration, with 45000 Jews being exiled from Austria in its first six months. In January 1939, Goering set up a Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration. Coherency up until 1939 The Nazis’ policies were unsystematic and lacked coherence. There wasn’t a settled policy with initiative following initiative. Also Himmler and Goering battled for control of Jewish policy. These battles sometimes caused initiatives cutting across each other. The intensity of persecution also varied as well. Impact of the

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