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Perks of Being a Wall Flower Analysis

  • Submitted by: dariashep
  • on June 1, 2013
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Friendship is something that has been difficult but means a lot to Charlie, ever since his best friend Michael committed suicide. Charlie notices a lot about Susan during his first couple of days of school because she is one of the only people he knows. Charlie seems lonely in the beginning of the school year however he soon makes two very good friends. At one of the school football games Patrick recognized Charlie from his wood shop class and called him over where he met Patrick’s stepsister Sam. Eventually Patrick and Sam became Charlie’s best friends and they even introduced him to other people whom he also became friends with.
Charlie is the adolescent narrator who is in his tenth year of high school. Charlie decides to write anonymous letters to someone simply because he wants someone to listen and to not question his thoughts. The letters began after his only friend Michael committed suicide.
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Not belonging to a community can cause alienation and marginalization. When Charlie started High School, he knew nobody. Starting at a new school shortly after his best friend died contributed to Charlie’s rational thoughts. ‘Some kids look at me strange in the hallways because I don’t decorate my locker, and I’m the one who beat up Sean and started crying about it after he did it’. The reflective tone and accumulation explain to the audience why he does not belong to a group within his school community. A couple of weeks into school, he met a senior named Patrick during shop class. At the Saturday football match Charlie and Patrick recognised each other and slowly began to develop a relationship. ‘The nice thing about Big Boy was the fact that Patrick and Sam didn’t throw around inside jokes to make me feel like an outsider’. The euphoric quote recognises how relationships can form a sense of belonging and how they have the ability to improve someone’s happiness.   Belonging is often the result of sharing common values. In result...

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