Pericles’ Funeral Oration

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Pericles’ Funeral Oration It is a practice, tradition or custom for the leader of the Athenians to give a speech to the people of Athenians, at the funeral of their people that lost their lives at war. These speeches are done because it is part of their law that was done by his predecessors for those who have fallen in battle. It is used to show respect and honor to those who had fallen and to the families who may not have a father or husband anymore. The funerals as they say are at cost to the public. It is a custom from their ancestors to have the funerals done in a certain manner. Pericles gave the speech but with a bit of a change to what was said to his people. The funeral actually starts three days before the ceremony is started. This is done by laying out the bones of the fallen men in a tent that is set up so friends can bring offerings to the relative of what they please or can do. Coffins are set up for the different types of tribes that are in Athenian community. The bones are placed in the different coffins and there is also an empty coffin for the men that could net been bought back for the funeral. The men that have died are laid to rest in the suburbs of the city. This is a place for all the people that have died in the war are buried. It is known has the public sepulcher in the city. Though, not all the fallen men were able to return to the city for a funeral. A person with wisdom and eminent reputation is chosen by the state to give an appropriate panegyric; after which all retire. This is given so they too have some type of funeral for them. This is done throughout the war for this occasion to honor the men that have fallen and cannot return. The Athenian leader Pericles had to give the speech to the families, relatives and to people that showed up to the public ritual they might not even been related in any way to the men. He started his

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