Perfume Grenouille Dialectical Journal

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Perfume- the story of a murderer 1. The novel is set during the eighteenth century in France. Paris was the capital and the largest city in France and the Enlightenment was happening. Philosophers said there was no absolute truth. It was also leading to the French Revolution (1738-1766). He probably chose to set it in this manner because France is also known as the country with the biggest perfume industry. The novel set 2. The narrator is writing in the future after the events of the novel whilst telling Grenouille’s story through narration, means we get a much more sense of the story through 3 person narration. Often Suskind will give more insight into the novel than in the story. For example Suskind tells us the face of Madam…show more content…
Part 1: Grenouille was born and raised in Paris; he discovers who he is and what he wants; childhood and education in Paris. Part 2: Life in isolation in the cave for seven years and discovers he has no sense of smell and his ultimate goal is to create the perfect scent. Part 3: Education, Grenouille gains knowledge about the art of perfume making, he gains new skills whilst his achieving his purpose. Part 4: He finally gets what he wants and realizes he doesn’t want it anymore, and he dies. It was split in this way because it’s a novel that deals with a person’s development or to an extent their spiritual education therefore there is no need to go over these main four parts. 5. There are several themes addressed in the novel such as Murder, since Grenouille is a murderer, greed since everyone wants to take advantage of Grenouille’s talent, acceptance as people seem to disregard Grenouille since his different also themes such as black humor and hatred of humanity. 6. Personally I don’t think Grenouille is immoral, rather amoral but the things he does are immoral. He can’t be fit in to a human pattern; he is different from everyone that’s what makes him unique. His personality cant be justified buy his actions, although he does
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