Perfume by Suskind and Woman at Point Zero by Saadawi Debate Points Essay

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Government Characterization of both characters under the scope of theme: “choice to live and choice to die” – how setting affects it Definition Choice: act of selection or making a decision that face with two or more possibilities Setting: the place, the type of surrounding, where something is positioned, or where an event takes place The setting of both novels are molded by authors’ intention to shape the characteristics of Firdaus and Grenouille which led to their choice to live and choice to die. Setting plays a bigger role which can be seen through the following: 1. Psychological state of mind (Identity) 2. The role of place and cultural setting – how they played the bigger role in developing the characters (external factors) 3. Author’s intention (Symbolism) Psychological State of Mind * In the scope on the theme: identity * Both characters’ psychological state of mind are relatively similar; where both struggle with identity a. Grenouille questions his existence because he is ‘scentless’ – acknowledgement b. Firdaus roams from place to place from different psychological states where she discovers the influence of money: aware of the ability to make her own choices – changing her state of mind Differences: a. Grenouille tried to create his own identity b. Firdaus searches for the worth of her identity, leading to symbolism which is closely associated with author’s craft (intention) Rebuttal Plot manipulation, twist of the story is more of the author’s intention to shape the story – decides what happens. Cultural setting: influences plot (if culture does not exist, there would be no conflict) Cultural Setting * Quintessential to the development of both characters’ personalities which ultimately brings about their choice to die * Society plays an important role in their choice to die c.

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