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Bailei Stout Reading Project 10/08/09 Love Aubrey, By: Suzanne LaFluer Love Aubrey, is a novel written by: Suzanne LaFluer. Aubrey is home alone since her mom left her. All she had to eat was cheese and crackers. Breakfast, lunch, dinner that is all she had. She also sits in front of the TV all day. She finally got tired of cheese and crackers so she got her b-day money and went to the store. She gets some soup in a can. On her way back she sees a pet store and goes in. She doesn't have much money but then she turns around and sees some fish and a sign that says BETTA FISH $3.99. She bought Sammy and some food and goes back home and watches Sammy swim around in his bowl. As she goes down stairs the phone is ringing. It was the church ladies looking for her mom. She could not tell them she was alone she is out okay have her call us, she hangs up. She was awoken at the sound at the door. She does not answer. It keeps ringing. She says they will go away, but it is still ringing, DING DONG DING DONG. She is tempted to go answer it. She thought it might be the church ladies. It wasn't it was her gram. They said hi to each other. Her gram asked where her mother was. She told her she was out on errands. She does not come, her gram is worried. The next morning she is still not there. Aubrey woke up to the sound of her gram cleaning. Her gram told her to eat she was not hungry. Then she went back to lay down. Her grandma went into her room and told her that her mother was not coming back. "How long have you been alone?" her grandma asked. "A week" Aubrey replied. Her grandma was shocked that she had been alone for an entire week. "You are coming home with me" was her grandma's response, adding, "no buts about it." VERMONT: As they went along, they took trains, taxis and buses.

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