Performing Arts Essay

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Reflection Signing up for this class, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I thought that it was going to be another class where the professor just lectures for an hour and fifteen minutes. I should have had a clue when I read the title ‘Performing’ Arts. I am a bit nervous performing, but I believe that I can man up and fight through it. This class seems really fun and will provide me with a lot of life lessons. First day of class, we jumped right into meeting new people with a great ice breaker, and immediately told somebody our life in a nutshell. The assumption people make just judging by what people wear or the way they carry themselves, is something we should not do. After the exercise we did on the first day of class, made me feel a sense of vulnerability. I felt that someone might judge me for what I like to do outside of school, or what is ‘home’ to me. After talking and the other person began talking, I discovered that many of the things he said, we shared in common. If not, he mentioned things that I forgot to say. After reading the excerpt, it gave me an insight on how to help people in a group reach a goal. It is an example on how to work as a team, and not to play around, instead you know what your goal is and you use each other as building blocks. Today was another great class, we were able to stretch and do these “warm ups” by shaking our legs, or shaking our behinds. I really enjoy this part of the class because it allows us to relax before engaging into our discussion. Today was a little different considering it was Friday. We played a game called “monsters and mice”. Some people were the monsters and some were the mice running around scared. I really enjoyed this exercise, because it was very entertaining, but at the same time very relatable to our lives. After we played the game, we discussed how we felt and how it relates to us.

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