Performance Mangement System Essay

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1.0 Introduction This research paper will study on the Performance Management System (PMS) of McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken who are in the fast food chain industry. The research will begin with a brief background of what methods that they are currently adapting and to provide recommendations on how they can improve with their current strategies. Performance Management System (PMS) as define by Wayne Eckerson is the organizations process and applications designed to execute business strategy in optimized way. One of the ways of increasing performance would be motivation as the element which drives individuals to perform and to help organizations to survive as said by (Bob Urichuck, 2008). However the right time for a motivation to should take place and this is not an easy task to manage the staff performance. According to The Aberdeen Group study, factors that drives performance management are the need to improve the company’s performance, productivity, attract and retain the talents that has been developed by the employers. Furthermore clear job description needs to be conveyed to the person who the company hires to prevent culture shock and the employee would know what is to be expected. PMS cycle as shown in figure 1.1 explains the steps of engaging PMS includes Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Analyzing and Forecast. Planning needs to be done before as what we would expect to happen in the coming financial year. Setting of KPI and focus of the company for the following year is the key to give employees a guideline what is to be expected from them on that year. Leaders will need to make sure the employees that they execute the plans on track as agreed during planning. From time to time department leaders would need to monitor performance to make sure if the appointed target is achieved. If the target is not achieve , leaders will need to provide

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