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Performance Management Unit 5003 By Robert Brown Objectives are important in a business because they give the company, departments and individuals goals to achieve to get to where they want to be or at least take the next step in where they want to be. Organisational objectives are set by identifying the current processes and procedures and then identifying the future or intended practices and procedures. Setting goals of where you want to be. The adoption of techniques, tools and training to get you there. Measuring and monitoring the improvements towards the goals. Then reviewing progress, renewing goals and continuously moving on. Team objectives are the specific goals that the team will accomplish in a fixed amount of time. These objectives flow from the team's purpose. Each one moves you towards your vision. Team objectives support the team’s vision and purpose and the organizational objectives. Team objectives are the basis of the team’s planned work. Team objectives should be the starting point for the individual objectives set as part of the performance management process. Team objectives provide the basis for resource planning. They dictate the resources needed. Individual objectives are set to help the individual improve or change the way in which they do their job in order to meet team and organizational objectives. These objectives may be changing the process they do, improving their knowledge and ability about the role and may be planning for future higher roles in the company. Organizational, team and individual objectives should all be linked so that the end goal is to achieve the organizational objectives. If you achieve your individual objectives that should help the team achieve their objectives and in turn this should the company achieve its organizational objectives. In Vitacress the organizational objectives are set and

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