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------------------------------------------------- Performance Management Submitted To: Submitted By: Ms. Aditi Midha Himanshree Kohli- 20 Himanshu Pachori- 21 Hina Sharma- 22 Navneet Kaur- 35 Richha Goel- 42 JAGANNATH INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, KALKAJI, NEW DELHI DECLARATION We the undersigned, students of Trimester III “A” P.G.D.M. studying at JIMS Kalkaji, New Delhi, declare that the Project entitled “PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT” was carried out by us as a part of the Human Resource Management Project and is submitted to Ms. Aditi Midha. This project was taken up as a part of the academic curriculum. It does motivate us and increase our interest in organizations. This is our original work and is not submitted to any other organization for any other purpose. Ms. Himanshree Kohli Ms. Hina Sharma Roll No. 20 Roll No. 22 Ms. Navneet Kaur Ms. Richha Geol Roll No. 35 Roll No. 42 Mr. Himanshu Pachori Roll No. 21 P.G.D.M.III“A Date: 10th March 2011 PERFORMANCE Some people say, “Performance is getting the job done. Producing the result that you aimed at. Nothing else matters. There are no prizes for coming second.” Of course, there are such prizes, but we’ll let that pass. It’s still worth thinking carefully about the prevalent idea that only delivering results counts as acceptable performance. If you don’t

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