Performance Management Essay

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ABSTRACT As business processes and management styles are changing, there is a need to change the traditional models of practice in organizational communication. A new model for integrated communication management is proposed, based on concepts of market-based strategic communication, human performance technology, business process reengineering, and a systematic method for analysis and development of communication interventions. This article presents the theoretical basis for the model, several examples of how organizations are applying this concept, and recommendations for the development of new skills and orientations for organizational communication and training professionals. THE RENAISSANCE COMMUNICATOR As organizations of all types are rapidly transforming their business processes and management styles, the traditional roles of internal communication professionals may well become obsolete. Landes (1992) described the conventional roles of organizational communicators as “reporters, promoters, and corporate apologists”, and numerous researchers and practitioners have critiqued typical practice models as being reactive, not strategically aligned with management, and oriented towards narrow, technical, production-centered solutions such as producing newsletters and videos (c.f. D’Aprix, 1977). As communication has developed in terms of both theory and practice, separate specialties and departments within organizations were created: employee communication, public relations and public affairs, advertising and marketing, audiovisual media, training and development, event and meeting planning, and information systems. These separate “islands of communication” (Gayeski, 1993b) have grown and moved further apart, often resulting in fragmented, redundant, or even contradictory communication programs and messages. This can lead to information overload, a loss of

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