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1 Performance Evaluation Part A. Explain three points of concern with the given company’s current evaluation form. 1. Define the most commonly-used sets of criteria which should be evaluated in a performance evaluation. In the given scenario there are three main points of concern in the company’s current evaluation form. These are friendliness, neatness and attitude. These are the starting point for the plant manager in creating the engineer’s performance evaluation. The plant manager gives the friendliness criteria a medium rating and because the engineer is very cold to his fellow coworkers. The engineer gets a ranking of medium for neatness. The plant manager feels the engineer’s workspace is unkempt and always in a complete disarray. The final point of attitude is hard to determine a score on the evaluation. The plant manager feels the engineer completes his tasks but demonstrates a poor attitude toward his co-workers and ignores the manager when he is speaking in a meeting. Quality and quantity of work done: These are best defined as the competence, thoroughness, volume of work accomplished and productivity level. The quantity of work relates to the amount of work an employee can handle in a given time period. The quality of work describes how accurately the work was performed. The quality and quantity of work must be related in order for the evaluation criteria to be effective. Working relationships: This is defined on the evaluation as the cooperation and ability to work with the supervisor, co-workers, and other groups in the company. It is important the 2 employee gets along with their co-workers, supervisors and other groups in the company. This particular evaluation is used to determine if the employee performs well in a group setting, can take direction, criticism, and work well alone in an un-supervised setting. Job Knowledge: This evaluation

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